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Microblading for the Eyebrows

 Microblading , a form of cosmetic tattooing, has been added to our menu of services. Schedule your initial appointment today to learn and discuss how microblading can enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. Whether its shaping or  shading, microblading can have a striking effect on your appearance. 


Schedule your initial appointment today.

Please check out our facebook page for our before and after photos. 

Microblading is a two part procedure where tiny hair line strokes are implanted with i‚Äčnk within the eyebrow. Change the size or shape of eyebrow to restore what has been lost through normal aging  or shade in your eyebrows for a dramatic effect.

  • Four weeks after your microblading session, you have a final touch up. Clients can lose up to 60 percent of the color implanted after the first appointment.  Since this procedure is semi permanent, touch ups are recommended every 18 months to 3 years. Schedule your appointment today.