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Customized Massage Session

A customized therapeutic massage  incorporating Swedish, Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Bamboo Massage Modalities. 

Half hour................$35

60 Minutes.............$60

90 Minutes.............$85


An adaptation of an ancient technique, this therapy uses plastic cups to create a suction on the body's surface. This technique reaches deep connective tissue, releasing toxins and is said to have a sedating effect on the nervous system.

  Add to a customized massage session for $15 

Himalayan Hot Stone Treatment

Immerse yourself in this warm relaxing experience. Full body massage which incorporates heated Himalayan Salt Stones. Penetrates deeply to ease sore muscles and rebalances energy.

75 minutes............$85

Ultimate Spa Ritual

Start this session with a sugar body scrub, custom aromatherapy steam shower, one hour massage, peppermint foot mask, and relaxing facial treatment with our Ayurvedic Kansa Wand massage.


Ultimate Retreat - Half Day at the Spa

Pamper yourself. This session includes a customized one hour massage, a half hour facial treatment and massage with our Ayurvedic Kansa Wand to rejuvenate the skin, a relaxing pedicure and gel manicure. Book with a friend!


Couples Massage

Book an hour or 90 minute session with your sweetie. Please call 608-386-0730 for  scheduling.

One Hour.....$120

90 Minutes.....$170

Body Scrub

Exfoliate, cleanse, and renew your skin. Choose between a sugar scrub or moisturizing walnut scrub. This  treatment will leave your skin naturally smooth and soft. Treatment incudes ten minute shower.

30 minutes........$35

Herbal Clay Facial Treatment and Massage

Perfect modality to rejuvenate your skin so it glows. This session starts off with a renewing facial using our exclusive organic facial care line followed with a neck shoulder and face massage using our Ayurvedic Kansa Wands. Add even more relaxation with a hot towel wrap paired with a relaxing  Foot Massage. 

Herbal Clay Facial......$45

With  Foot Massage........$65

Cold Stone Headache Treatment

Cold Marble stones, customized essential oils blends, and facial massage resets the mind and body. Includes neck, shoulder and foot massage.

Half Hour............$35

Infared Sauna

Immerse yourself in warmth. Our Far Infrared heat penetrates deeply to relax sore muscles.

30 Minutes......$10

* reflects July 1st price change